21 Easter Eggs You Missed in Spy x Family!


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Here are 21 Spy x Family Easter eggs you probably didn’t notice! These are things you missed like Anya’s name misspelling, Loid’s love message to Yor, as well as how Frankie was actually a thief secretly mentioned in the show!

In point 12, I say they turned one page of the manga into a 25 minute episode.

Rather what happens in the manga is:
– renting the castle
– bring in spies
– Loid fights Yor and Franky
– (the whole bit is about 6 pages long)

and in the anime:
the fight scene in the single page of the manga they mention in the script is extended into a full blown fight with a quiz, Loid fighting spies and flying a plane.

Saying they turned one page of the manga into a full anime episode is false. Ep5 is following the events of Chp 6 of the manga, they just fill out the runtime by extending the events of Loid rescuing Anya.

Thanks for understanding!

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